Consortium for Leadership Development (CLD) is a repository of diverse and talented leaders who are poised, trained, and equipped to excel in this globally competitive marketplace. Diverse, high-potentials are defined as high-performing individuals termed as “minority” (i.e., African-Americans, Hispanics, Native American Indians, and Asians). These groups have traditionally been under-represented at the management and executive level and may not have had access to mentors in the corporate environment. As a member of the CLD Career Center, you gain invaluable member-only access to a vast community of leading-edge thinkers, who have received unmatched quality leadership training led by top local and national business executives. The have also had opportunities to network and interact with the best and brightest high potential, diverse business leaders.

Membership Has Exclusive Privileges:

Employers Connect with Highly-Trained Leaders – Companies and organizations seeking a diverse leadership talent pool, have full and direct access to a unique network of exceptional leaders who are actively advancing their leadership knowledge and skills as they further their careers.
  • Unlimited On-target Position Postings and Searches
  • Access to Leader Profiles and Resume Uploads
  • Networking
  • Program Sponsorship of High-Potential Employees
  • Event Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities
Leaders Connect with Potential Employers – As a highly skilled leader, you will have access to employers who are seeking leaders with your talent and skills to meet emerging market demands.
  • Leader Profile and Resume Uploads
  • Access to Posted Positions
  • Customized Access to Training and Skill-Building Workshops
  • Personalized Leadership Coaching and Consulting
  • Access to Skills-Building Workshops
CLD is one-of-a kind! We aim all of our energy and resources at that point of maximum leverage, helping our participants and sponsoring corporations develop their leadership capacity and leadership capital. There is no better way to make sure your organization stays competitive and effective than by challenging, nurturing and enabling your most talented, diverse people.

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