Slide1 “CLD Choices” (Middle School) – The material for each session is designed to help middle-school aged youth boost their self-confidence in making Choices that will lead them down the right paths now and in the future. Key subjects include; Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship. The goal of the facilitator is to further equip them with foundational leadership skills to learn from each other as peers and reinforce the notion that every choice they make helps define the kind of person they will become. Facilitators – All presenters have successfully completed the CLD Leaders Program, an advanced-level 7-month development practicum. They are highly skilled, rising stars as current and future executives in their organizations.  Each facilitator is a strong leader with strong moral and professional character, who is fully committed to investing in our youth by igniting principles of leadership and excellence in the next generation of leaders. For more information contact:

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