Sharilyn D. Franklin, Ph.D. – CLD Executive Director SharilynResearch suggests that in the 21st Century, which is defined by change and continuous evolution, individuals will need evolved skillsets allowing them to quickly learn new technologies; develop innovative techniques; and cross-function in work teams. Concurrently, a new crop of leaders is required to manage this change. Leaders who can commit people to action; transform followers into leaders; and convert leaders into agents of change. This type of paradigm shifting leadership is what defines Dr. Franklin’s approach to leading people and projects. Leadership has become not only her passion but her life’s pursuit; encouraging and empowering others to be better and do better. “Leadership is a function of knowing and developing oneself; Having vision; Using good judgment; Getting results; and taking purposeful action to encourage and empower others.” ~S.D. Franklin. The practical application of this philosophy is made manifest in the following descriptive words:
  • Scholar – As a scholar, Dr. Franklin is committed to the acquisition, advancement, and transference of knowledge. Thus, continual learning and development are critical success factors.
  • Practitioner – As a practitioner, Dr. Franklin seeks to observe, understand, critique, implement, and execute.
  • Leader – As a leader, Dr. Franklin gets results! She commits people to action. She transforms followers into leaders and she converts leaders into agents of change.

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