Slide1 CLD Participants are immersed in real-life scenarios designed to help them identify problems and create value-based opportunities. To allow for deeper introspection, CLD uses Case Study Methodology as its primary teaching method. This preferred mode of learning allows participants to:
  • Investigate phenomenon in a real-life context.
  • Gain a greater understanding of complex issues that can increase experience or strengthen what is already known.
Concurrently, participants are encouraged to embrace the acquisition and application of knowledge through regularly reading books and articles. Resultantly, CLD effectively integrates industry and enterprise with academia to offer unparalleled leadership training that Exposes, Equips, Empowers, and Enables participants to move to the next level and beyond, more rapidly. Integration slide PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
  • Executive Level Facilitation
  • Conclusive Development Modules
  • Personal & Professional Development Planning
  • Coaching, Networking, and Mentoring
  • Extensive Resource Library
  • Case Study Methodology
  • Leadership Symposiums
  • Skill Building Forums