David Greene III

Executive Coach & Strategist

Gladys Hankins, Ph.D.

Diversity Expert, Author, & Executive Coach

Dennis Kimbro, Ph.D.

Author, Strategist, & Professor

Sharilyn Franklin Ph.D.


Yemi Akande, Ph.D.


Valerie Patton





Across the globe, visionary companies are investing in a pipeline of emerging executives who can achieve the following in market conditions that are volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous:

• Anticipate and respond to the nature and speed of change.

• Act decisively without always having clarity and certainty.

• Navigate through complexity, chaos, and confusion.

• Maintain effectiveness despite unpredictability.

Interestingly, a research study of 13,124 leaders and 1,528 HR professionals revealed that nearly two-thirds of the respondents were concerned about their ability to meet the demands of the future, as outlined above. As such, this conference was designed to help participants prepare and perform on a higher level and achieve global success.


This conference is for high potential individuals, leaders, and emerging executives who:

• Desire to be well informed on the trends that affect performance.

• Acknowledge the pace of change and seek to get ahead of the curve.

• Perceive the changing competitive landscape and want to remain on the edge of innovation.

• Seek to expand and improve their global competence and competitiveness.



As leaders, we need to get prepared and prepare others for a world where borders between continents are blurred. A world where success will be directly determined by levels of global consciousness and global competence. Hence, this conference endeavors to:

• Expand Participant consciousness and competence concerning global perspectives.

• Expose Participants to all required sensibilities including AGILITY and DIVERSITY.

• Encourage Participants to take immediate action and avoid the dangers of unpreparedness.

• Empower participants to address the challenges associated with uncertainty, complexity, volatility, and ambiguity.

• Enable Participants to respond effectively and strategically position their organizations for success.

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